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#45 Where you from? ( Low Int.)

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45 Where you from?

This Lesson in a Can has 2 simple teacher objectives.

1. to demonstrate a whole class "walk around " activity that teachers can use for any type of language practice or target language.

2. to show the power of print preview for making classroom decorations, flash cards and story boards in ppt. (a very under utilized part of ppts!).

Where Are You from?

Students will practice the target language of asking "Where are you from?" and answering with a nationality. A very simple objective along with learning some geography.

Engage: Print out some flashcards or from the attached ppt about flags. [How? Well, open the ppt and go to File and then Print Preview - the ppt will open in a new window, usually black and white. Go to slides and click the arrow. Select 2 slides/page. Print out the pages you want! You now have nice size pictures to use on the board (magnet them to the board) or in class. You can also use this ppt option to create a writing exercise (3 slides / page) or for flashcards for group/pair games (6 slides / page).]

Next, give out some of the above "flags" to students. Ask them where they are from. Get them to hold up their flag and say where they are from. You might also engage/warm up by showingthe Real English video "Where you from?". Stop and ask questions as you go along. 

Study (practice). Choose 6/7 countries that you want the students to learn. Hand out mini flags (print as above but on the selected slides -- rearrange the slides to the begining of the presentation by dragging) to the students of these 6/7 countries (less if you have few students). They must then wander around the class and find by asking "Where are you from?" , other students from the same country. When they find a match, they link arms and continue finding other countrymen. Put up large flags of these countries on the walls around the class. When the activity is finished, the students go stand under their flag. Ask them, "Where are you from?" and all the students should state - " We are from ...." . Make sure the students greet each other in English before asking!

This kind of activity can be used with any set of flashcards and I call it - the Chain Game. Very tasked based and students love it and get to repeat often the target language which creates some form of mastery and accomplishment.

Activate - Play the ppt attached. Students in groups take turns trying to answer correctly. All the other students ask in chorus "where are you from?" Groups earn points for correct answers. With higher level classes, you might use the attached worksheet game.

You might also play the Baam game, based on flags also. Or even the "Where the hell is Matt" video in our A/V player. Stop before the place name comes up and ask students to guess "where the hell Matt is?".


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