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#46 Designing a lesson plan. The 3 step plan (Low)

46 Designing a lesson plan. The 3 step plan.

Today's lesson in a can demonstrates a simple lesson plan.
(and get lesson plan templates here)

Many teachers should write up a specific lesson plan, either for their own sake or accountability (parents, students, administration, officialdom, their memory :))

You can either use the 1. Prepare 2. Practice 3. Produce layout or the 1. Engage 2. Study 3. Activate framework. Or your own but it should include 3 steps. See this ppt for today's lesson.

Basically it is about using the past tense and asking about yesterday's actions. I use the Bingo Basic PPT.

1. Engage: Play whole class. Draw the squares on the board and get one student to be interviewed. Teams take turns asking "Did you ....yesterday?". If the student answers yes, draw an O , if no, draw an X. Keep going form group to group. first group to hit 5xs or 5Os in a row wins. If no Bingo is found, the student sitting down wins!

2. Study by students playing the game in pairs. Give them each a handout and they try to get bingo by taking turns, asking/answering with a partner. Lots of really good target language production.

3. Engage - Students make their own Bingo card and then play!

You might also play the karaoke video, Oops I did it again for fun! (Available with the player on our Karaoke page)


Lesson Plan Bingo.ppt   Did you bingo.pdf     LESSON PLAN.doc   Verb Bingo    Bingo Basic PPT.

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