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#47 Lesson Ideas - People ( Low)

47 Lesson Ideas - People

This lesson in a Can focuses in on the target language of .... has / have got .....

This is a fairly common expression of "to have" and should be encouraged to be used by beginning learners. There usually isn't any confusion if it is introduced and encountered early enough on in the learning process.

I introduce it by describing people.

1. Warm - up. Ask the students about their family. "Has your father got big eyes?" "Has your sister got long hair?" Ask students to describe their family after writing on the board the following blanks.

I / you have got

she has got ---------- ears, nose, eyes, mouth, hair, feet, hands, teeth etc...

you      have got

You might also practice this with a listening game. Make a statement - "I have got brown hair!". Students go to the "Yes" or the "no" side of the classroom to answer each statement. (in the middle if its "maybe".

2. After the students have been introduced to the forms, get them practicing them.

Show the following ppt. Play it as a game if you wish, giving points for correct descriptions. Lots of fun here! Or do it as a writing exercise if wished, where the students write correct descriptions of the people. You might also play the Describe 'em Pass the Paper game or the Guess Who game attached if students are familiar already with these forms.

Also, show this photo on a screen or print it out. Ask one student to describe and the others can guess. Alternatively, use our Music Space celebrity photos to play the same game!  Daniel has posteda nice game like this on Teaching Recipes.

3. Activate! -- A) Get the students to write descriptions (4 statements) of a classmate on slips of paper. Collect them and then read or have students read them outloud. After each statement stop and allow students to guess. Whoever finally guesses right, wins and can read their sentences/statements.

Finally to end , sing the song "He's got the whole world in his hands" -- here's the karaoke file (get the karaoke player on our Karaoke Page). The students can do all the body motions! Then, after singing the song, students can make their own words to sing and change the lyrics. For example group one might select -- Teachers and Students. They sing this part and the rest of the class chants - "in his hands". This can get really silly! (I've had students say things like pizza and pokemon!"

Find more videos like this on EFL CLASSROOM 2.0
So you sing

He's got teachers and students
in his hands
He's got teachers and students
in his hands
He's got teachers and students
in his hands
He's got the whole world in his hands.

Resources:     PEOPLE.ppt    |  Whole World Lyric activity sheet    |    Whole World video

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