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#48 Breaking English News - Current Events in the classroom.( High Int.)

#48 Breaking English News - Current Events in the classroom.

Current events are really a great way to stimulate students for language production and provide very relevant, authentic language use and modeling. They also teach students about some very important issues and help make great citizens (this is our job too!). Also see attached at the end of the lesson, the TOP REASONS why teachers should use current events in their classrooms!
This is an excellent resource for use in the classroom and one which students can also use outside the classroom.

Get many videos of news articles and downloadable resources HERE, on our World Issues page. Just show the video and click the appropriate title below. Here's an example - The World's Tallest Building.

Also use VOA news reports, daily on EnglishCentral. Use in class and students can practice speaking them on their own. 

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