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#49 What's your job? What do you do? (Low)

49 What's your job? What do you do?

Teaching about jobs and careers is always fun. This open level lesson really can be done a hundred different ways. Just look at the materials, think about your students and DO IT!

Warm up with some TPR. Act and have the students guess your occupation. One group of students must sing - "What does he/she do?" (this gets students to think about the difference with "what is he/she doing?")

This is also a nice job related lesson ...   Also this book on Giflingua.

Good luck and happy teaching! (you have a job!)

Resources:   Occupations PPT   |  I want to be a ...  pics / words   |  Careers Schematic Quiz.doc  (answers)

Careers.ppt  |   Job Cards  |  Side by Side presentation  |  Jobs worksheets |  Jobs flashcards

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