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#5 Mr. X's Amazing Day (Low)

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5 - Mr. X's Amazing Day.

This truly is a Canned lesson.

About daily routines and basic verbs expressing daily habits. The goal is for students to create a minibook at the end. Colour and show some self expression and "product pride" in their own learning. Use for the past tense or just the present tense (routines)

It's called Mr. X's Amazing Day. (you might show a warm up video of Mr. Bean for this and have students describe what Mr. Bean is doing or did ).

1. Review the basic vocabulary by showing the powerpoint (attached) and asking students for the answer to "What is Mr. X doing? or What did Mr. X do? " (I have two ppts / two movies one with the present habitual tense and one using the past tense - find in our ppt folder). Reshow the ppt and have them ask in groups - one student the teacher.

2. Show the video with sound effects.
3. Give the hand out and have students write a sentence or two, depending on their level/ability about each picture. Edit as necessary. Then students cut out the pictures and paste into a minibook {fold 3 sheets of A4 twice, cut the fold edge on top, staple and you have a little mini book - students love them! A real pocket book!} Students colour, decorate, make a title page and write in their sentences/story.

Then in some other classes (but this might take a few classes) SHARE. Chose some students to share their work/present - the final stage in the writing process.....

There you go, you have Mr. X's Amazing Day!


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