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#51 Digital Storytelling (Int.)

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51 Digital Storytelling


Once students have created some storybooks, you might want to get ambitious and have them go through the same process but this time on the computer! Right, our students are now so "digital" and we can motivate them immensely by having them make books online to share.

They love the process and they are learning so much more than just English.  

Skills that will stay with them a lifetime.....
A teacher is always more than a teacher.

Here's my fav. digital Story. 

Find more videos like this on EFL CLASSROOM 2.0

I made the above presentation using Photo Story 3. Photostory 3 is a very easy to use application that is a free download from Microsoft.  Read here how or view this blog post.
Lots there to teach you but it is very easy. Just add photos, add music, add text and you are set..... 

Make sure if your students make some digital photostories, they share. Here are also a few links with much more about digital storytelling and many student produced examples...

The Gift of Story

Effective Storytelling

Classroom Ideas

Digital Storytelling

All the links you will ever need about stories'%20Collections

Resources:  Photostory 3 and Karaoke how to

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