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#52 Surveys and Quizzes in Class (Low)

52 Surveys and Quizzes

Surveys are a super "student centered" friendly way to get the students practicing target language and speaking. They are easy to arrange and give lots of freedom for students to frame their own personal questions.

How do you do them?

It is really easy. I usually do my own quick survey of students and
write the question on the board. For example, " Have you ever been to Japan?"
Under the question I write 3 columns, Yes / Not sure / No .  I then ask
students super quickly and each time I stress they must ask me back in return. Echoing is a principal of teaching that I use and teach to the students. That way, whatever the activity, there is always continuous and multiple "encounters" with the same language....

After I have asked everyone, I state my findings. I write on the board.

"I found out that 4 students have been to Japan."  Or write this helper:

Some        of us .................
A few
Not many

Next, I erase out that part of the above written in bold. Students are
then given a recipe card or just slips of paper. They have to write out
a question and then go survey the class (and reminding them to echo and answer in full sentences!). Then either in small groups or the full
group, students report their findings...

Make sure you use a timer for this activity. The point is not for everyone to finish asking everyone. It just is a "sample" survey and if
they ask, explain this to them.....

Check out this unique and "active" way to do a survey! YES, NO, MAYBE.

A great way to practice all kinds of target language and get the students out of their seats and speaking on task!

Next, a bit about quizzes for higher level students!!!!  Please see this book, High School Tasks, for a variety of quizzes.

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