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#53 Personality Quizzes (High Int.)

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53 Personality Quizzes

With higher level students a teacher can move more into giving quizzes.
Personality quizzes, What kind of person are quizzes workwonders. One rule I have is to try and make them communicative.

Simply put them in pairs with each person having a different quiz. They then "interview" the partner and quiz their partner. After they are finished they provide them with the results and then switch roles. In this way, the quiz is communicative and also they get to encounter the language of the quiz TWICE. I also will be starting to put many more quizzes online. I use Quibblo
and like their updated format. Students can retake the quiz online and also begin the process of sharing and creating their own with classmates. A remarkable tool. Take some of our quizzes there or find
them featured from time to time here on the main page. Here's a popular one I made so you can find out your classroom management style.

I've uploaded a ppt with answers and a pile full of simple quizzes youcan use in the classroom (big thanks to my colleague John for sharing the book from which they are adapted). All are scientific quizzes with
neat questions.....Enjoy!

Those working with teachers or teaching very high level students, could find lots on my teacher training reflection page. Including a nice quiz for the MBTI.

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