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#54 Plays in the Classroom (Int.)

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54 Plays in the Classroom 

The little Mole is a popular kids book. A great read and I heartily recommend the book for young students. What I like most is that the language is repetitive. For EFL students, they need exactly this. Stories and narratives are super if at the appropriate level but they are even more powerful if they have built in a repetition of the language.....

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I have attached my own EFL adaptation of this story, for performance as a play. Use this for a whole lesson, giving students parts or as a special performance for assemblies, camps or parents. It will be so much fun and takes a minimum amount of preparation and prompting. Higher level students can expand the play/script.

The karaoke version is in our player. Make sure to show the book first and also preteach any of the vocabulary AFTER the first viewing and then view again. It is always imperative to just let the students try to figure things out FIRST and then go over the vocab. Not the other way around like I see so many teachers do it. Always expose the students to the text / script/ listening first and then REPEAT after going over comprehension and vocab. They benefit from the repetition. Have fun with this story!!! Tell me what you think of my adaption == please!

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