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#55 Webquests (Low Int.)

Now find all these resources on ELT Buzz Teaching Resources!

  I really think TBL (task based learning) is a great method and especially one of its most potent   weapons -- Webquests. Students scour
  the internet to obtain and then present info. on a given topic. I've
  put up some great links and webquests on a previous thread on EFL Classrooom 2.0.

Generally, a webquest consists of an Introduction (statement) /  Tasks / Process / Evaluation (rubric usually) / Conclusion . Here's one teacher's write up about using them in the classroom. Here's an example. See more attached or in the above discussion.

Today, I"d like to introduce another, about Korea. Produced by Jaekyu
Lee and Geunjae Lee, two Korean Americans living in Chicago and
participating in the Cabrini Connections program, a tutoring program from underprivledged kids.

Their S. Korea webquest
has it all - Intro. Activities, Rubric -- all well layed out and
designed/presented. Awesome. A great lesson for students from anywhere
in the world. They also have a soccer webquest but I think it falls short in the "simplicity" factor but is interesting nonetheless....

Thank you, both of you and happy webquesting everyone!   Webquest on food - example

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