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#56 Whiteboard Soccer - a simple review game. (All)

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Today's Lesson in a Can is just an idea, a game that is very "low tech" but will work in any classroom. It also is easy to control and you won't have any classroom management problems with it! World Cup fever will soon be here and this game is excellent for harnessing that energy for review purposes.

First, draw a soccer pitch like that above on the board. To the left and right, draw the flags of each team and this is where the score will be kept/marked.

Second, divide the class into two teams (I've had 4 team soccer with two pitches intersecting but it gets rather complicated). Each team will be a country. Next, elect a captain from each team. They take the coin toss. Make it into a real game , so do the whole ceremony! After the coin toss, do the national anthem. Teams stand and sing. Find the karaoke anthems for Canada, England, U.S. , France on our  karaoke page.

Third. Let's play ball! First, state the rules of raising their hands and not complaining or speaking out of turn. If they do they get a yellow card and lose possession of the "ball" or magnet on the board. Red card gives a penalty kick for the other team , taken by the team captain.

Put a magnet in the middle of the soccer pitch. Team A starts answering a question. If they are right, they move ahead. 3 correct answers in a row and they score. If they answer incorrectly, the ball changes possession and Team B starts answering questions. I usually play to 5.

An exciting game and you can use this with any type of set questions, review, quiz etc....I've uploaded a pile of basic quiz type questions or you might want to use it with the Golden Bell games I've made. So many sets of general questions to use with this game all over the internet. Even other presentations like the one I recently posted, Flags. Or best, get the students making up the questions and use the questions created from another class!  See our Quiz and Trivia question page for more.

Lots of fun and your students I guarantee, will love whiteboard soccer!!!  I've even seen teachers play Whiteboard baseball. Adapting the rules so that if students answer questions correctly they "hit" and "run". 3 wrong answers, that team is out.

Comment by Win Madigan on September 9, 2013 at 2:58am

9/9/13 - I tried to print this but was 'told' to please become a supporter to download content.  I am a member and can see my name on the 'Members Online' area on my computer.  Any ideas?

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