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#57 Teaching with only a blank piece of paper - Part 1 (All)

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57 Blank Piece of Paper I  (see this extensive list of ideas)

Teaching, whatever you think it is, is really simple. Emotion/desire plus knowledge = understanding/learning.

In my early days, I learned to teach at a school which had almost nothing. No photocopier, no textbooks, no video, certainly no computers! Just chairs, a chalkboard and paper. So I taught and I learned a great deal of how to teach effectively with just the basics.

'All I got is a blank piece of paper"
3 words and the truth.
All I got is a blank piece of paper
The rest is up to you."

Recognize the original ? (Red guitar - U2). Forgive my bad poetry but here I'll offer up some very quick ideas for a full lesson which EFL teachers can do with minimal (none) preparation and maximum language learning effect.

The first in this series is the simplest. Kids love to draw and this "draws" on that. It is really just picture brainstorming.

Ask the students what they see on the blank blackboard. They will say "NOTHING!" . Draw the title My World
Ask them what they see. Students will offer all sorts of things. When they reply, quickly sketch/draw and write the word beside it. Ask a few more times.

Give the students a blank piece of paper. Ask them to draw what is on the board. When everyone is ready, continue as above with students saying what they can see , the teacher drawing/writing the vocab word
and students following along drawing their own pictures. When finished, students can personalize their picture and get a few of the higher leveled students to present. You can even have them do pair work, describing what is in the picture or asking "What can you see?" to each other. Finally, collect the work and put the best pictures up on the wall.

You can do this in a general fashion, as I just described or in a more
focused fashion. Say the topic was, My neighborhood.The class can draw and label. Works for all sorts of topics, just depends how inventive you are..... Use this template if you wish....

Next - how to teach about apartments/houses using just a blank sheet of paper.

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