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#58 Getting to know the teacher and classmates. Part 2 (All)

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I use a blank piece of paper to introduce myself to new students and also get them talking and communicating about their own lives in the first class.

Of course you can use the fancy ppts for photos of yourself or distribute photos around the class, but often just some words on a blank piece of paper will do.  See my whole list of 50 ways to use just a blank piece of paper!

1. Before class, write all sorts of words with some reference to yourself, all around the board. Diet Jane small dogs orange Vienna etc......

Then ask a student a question using the words. "Juan, do you like small dogs?" The student replies and then asks you....."Do you like small dogs teacher?" Or you can do this the other way around. The point is, students get two opportunities to use the language modeled and also begin to understand communication is a two way street. As an EFL teacher -- get used to "parroting" , it is an invaluable tool in your teaching tool kit!

Continue asking/responding to questions based on the words on the board. As each one is mentioned, cross it off or erase it.

2. Give each student a blank piece of paper. Tell them they have 3/4/5 minutes to write down all over the piece of paper, words referring to themselves.....(use a handy timer -- see our Practice page and click one under Teacher Tools). Then in pairs or 3s, students repeat the modeled process as described above. Asking and answering questions about their lives.

3. If time permits, you can change students from groups and have them tell a few details about their previous partner. Or you can go around the class, asking students to say one interesting thing about the partner they interviewed.

This makes for a great , communicative class - all with just one sheet of paper!!!

Other Options:  Try the What the Wordle way. Make a wordle with key words of yourself and then students can ask questions. Here's an example for myself. Also, try the attached Pass the Paper game for students in groups to play and get to know each other! Or try BAAM - Ask the teacher!

I've uploaded a slightly more complicated version of this from Communication Games for your reference. it's deals with an activity about guessing about classmates. Also a handy interview ppt for introducing classmates to each other......



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