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#59 Describing your family - Part 3 (All)

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59 Describing your family - 1 Piece of Paper.

Okay, so you only got one piece of paper / student. Okay, so you got to do a lesson on the family. Okay, so how you gonna do it?

Easy! Use your piece of paper (the board). Write down names of family members and friends all over the board. Then, model the target language on the board. Write --

Who is _____________?
(name) is (name)'s __________!

Ask students about other classmates.

Then have the students ask you. Answer and you the teacher reply using the above target language. After they ask about one name, they may ask some follow up questions. Where does she live? How old is he? What does she do..?

Write these under the above target language.

After a name is spoken, cross it off on the board. When you've gone through all or most of the names -- tell the students to write down names of their family on the blank piece of paper. In their native language!!!!! Give them a set time to complete it 2-3 min. (use a timer).

Then, walk around and ask a few questions to different students using the target language (or bring one student to the front of the class). Who is ....? etc..... In pairs students switch papers and discuss about their family members.

Simple and works like a charm. Just walk around monitoring students and adding to their own mini discussions. You could extend this by having them do a family tree poster with the English family vocab. beside each name.....


Next -- How to teach about apartments/housing using only a blank piece of paper!

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