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#60 Describing Apartments - Celebrities Part 4 (All)

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60 Describing Apartments - Celebrities: 1 Piece of Paper

Okay, Okay, Okay! I won't bore you much longer with the one piece of paper thing! More technology oriented lessons shortly! But I could go on forever with ideas under this category.....

Today's lesson is focused on using the vocabulary for the Home or Apartment.  Here's a briefer version of that below.  Also see this nice kizclub handout activity. 

1. Before class draw a wall / room only blueprint outline of your apartment or home on the blackboard. Label only the front door!

Write the target/focus language on the board beside it , "Where is your/the ...?" "It's / They're ......... my / the ...... in the"

Ask students to warm up -- "Do you have a .......?" After they reply, ask where it is. They will state the room using the gap above. After you've done this to warm up, ask the students if they are curious about your own "home". Get them to use the target question and answer by drawing it into the blueprint and writing the name under the target language beside the drawing.

The students will be very curious and will keep asking so many questions! If you wish, they could even brainstorm the questions in groups first and then ask you.

When you've done this and all the vocab is written down and drawn in, get one student to come up and label (draw a line between the word and the item). The rest of the students will ask "where is the ......" to which the student responds.

Finally -- take out the blank piece of paper! Yes, you guessed it. Now the students do the same thing in pairs or 3s. Asking each other where everything is and drawing it in and writing the vocab words. Afterwards, they change papers and label their partners drawing by connecting the word and place.

Extend by asking students to tell the class one interesting thing about their partner's "home". They'll be very interested and this is a good example of personalizing the learning context to enhance learning and motivation......

*** other ways to use one blank piece of paper****

1. Copycat drawing - one partner describes a picture, the other draws it without looking.

2. Writing . Word chain. Students continue writing one long word using the last letter or letters. The more last letters they use, the more points they get. Spelling counts!

3. Famous people. Students write all the names of famous people they can think of on one sheet of paper. Then with a partner, they describe one of them and the partner must guess who on the paper it is! (see attached Who is it game)

4. Fold it stories. Put the students in a circle. Each student writes this on the top of a sheet of paper.
I heard that (classmate on their right's name) .....(gossip)............. last night!
They then pass it to their left and keep filing it out while the story grows and exaggerates. Don't let it get to the person who it is about! Then share/read and laugh afterwards!

5. Tape a piece of blank paper to each student's back! Give each student in the class a marker. The students walk around the class and write down a question on the piece of paper that they'd like the classmate to answer...(they get inventive!). After 5 min. , students get a partner and give their partner the sheet of questions. They then interview each other!  Or you can do this with one question and use a post it. Students stick a post it with a question to their forehead and walk around asking each other the questions!

6. Last one standing -- my song game....see below

Lots more one blank page ideas later!!!! Now I got to plan my own lessons!


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