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#64 Teaching Teachers

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64  Teaching Teachers

Many of us will be asked when we teach at a school in a foreign country, to "teach the teachers". This brings a lot of dread in teachers but once you get going -- A Lot of JOY. Really can be fun and teachers are usually a lot less demanding believe it or not.  Please see my training institute's site and these books for further materials! I also recommend Andrew Finch's book "Teaching Reflections" for teachers of a higher level of English.  Our Teacher Training page has loads of presentations for training teachers.

Keep it relaxed and when teaching adults, always design your lessons around A) Choice (give them a sense of control) B) Usefulness/interest (use topics that can be immediately relevant to their lives, of immediate interest).

Here is one lesson I've done with teachers. One of many. It focuses on question making skills. See the template also attached for ideas for question making. Students simply turn over a card/picture and use the template to ask each other (form) questions.

The next 6 Lessons in a Can will all be focused around asking questions and question making skills.

I'm delivering a training course on this so it is fresh in my mind! Enjoy and like Socrates -- keep questioning!

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