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#65 Question Making Part 1 - Getting to know / Surveys (Low)

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65 Question Making - Getting to know / Surveys

When doing lessons where questions are the "core", I like to put students in groups of 3. In 3s, the students can rotate the conversation and every second time, change from a question to a response.......

S1: What are you doing this weekend?
S2: I'm going to the beach? What are you doing James?
S3: I'm doing nothing, just watching TV.
What are you doing Jan?
S1: I'm doing the same as you.

See how each student asks/ answers in the cycle and there is repetition fostering learning.

In Today's Canned Lesson I have a two part lesson on making questions.

1) Using the attached handout, students in 3s ask the questions. After a question is done, it is crossed off the sheet. One student asks the question and the 3rd student must ask a "follow up" question. This helps ensure real conversation and not just read - answer. Lots of great questions on this sheet and it could also be used as an icebreaker and getting to know students activity.

2. Next, have the students ask you some of the questions (or do this prior to the above) and return a question to each asker. Then, ask students to choose one question and survey the class. They then have to report back to the whole class or their group about the information they found out. Surveys are a great way to make a class interactive and really focus on the pattern of a question, one question. See the other attached handout for surveys that is made for Korean teachers.


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