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#66 Question Making Part 2 (Low)

The art of questioning students is the foundation of all good
teaching practice.

It provides for both assessment and student growth (learning) and is the core of the scientific method and how we learn.

Yet, teachers spend comparably little time, learning how to ask questions or make questions which lead to good teaching. Moreover, many teachers spend little time developing this fundamental skill in their students. You can’t have “real” communication without questions yet so many students gain English competence in this – too far along their learning curve to benefit.


Class walkarounds – post it!

This activity is meant to get students on their feet and speaking. Give students some post it notes. On one Post it note, they write something about themselves. Example, “I love potato chips!” Students then “post
it” on themselves and walk around the class. They ask each other questions about the post it. After one question, they change to another person.


A) What kind of potato chips do you like?
B) I really like sour cream and onion!
(I hate mornings).
A) What time did you get up today?
B) I got up at 6:30 am ! [change partners]

This activity can even be “larger” by having students write many questions each on one post it note. Students walk around the class asking other students and “posting” a "question" note on them. After the walkaround, students return to their seat and with a partner, using the post its to interview a partner.

Even try an online option for using Post Its!

Resources:   The Art Of Questioning   |     Online Post its:  Wall Wisher  -  Corkboard

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