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#67 Questions Part 3 of 6 - Photo Response (Int.)

67 Question Making: Photo Response


Photo and word prompts work wonders!

In 3s, students are shown photos (either on a big screen or with flashcards). They make a question each about the photo. The Question MakingSchematic can be used to help students. Alternately the “Who / What / Where game can be played.

With flash cards, students just turn over a card and use that for a prompt to ask a question to another person. This person then "echoes" the question back and the third person adds another follow up question. It might go as follows.

(flashcard is HOUSE)

A) Is your house big?
B) No, it isn't. Is your house big?
A) It is so-so.
C) Do you have air conditioning in your house?
B) No, we don't.

A slideshow like this one below (and many more in our presentation folders or on our Practice page)
can be used very effectively to elicit language from students or to get them asking questions to each other....Alternatively, laminate some good photos and let the students use those to make questions!

Best Nat. Geographic Photos |  Best Photos of All Time

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