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#68 Questions Part 4 of 6 - The 5Ws.( Int. )

Using the journalistic technique of the 5 questions is really effective
for any listening / reading activity. Students can read or listen to
the news item or story and then write out the 5 questions that would
cover the story. They can then quiz each other for comprehension
instead of the teacher asking the questions.

Here is a clip from newsround (below, see in our videos). I give students the task of writing the 5 questions for one news item. So students only
have to listen in detail to a selected part of the newscast. Each group
completes the questions below for a different news item (the 1st , 2nd,
3rd etc...). They quiz other groups afterward.

Listening – The 5 ws!

Play any short clip or news report. Even a short story. Ask the students to list the “reporters” 5ws on a piece of paper.

Who _______________________________________________

What _______________________________________________

Where ______________________________________________

When _______________________________________________

Why ________________________________________________

Then check as a group or in pairs. Can they answer them?

This activity can also be done for any reading/text in the textbook. It is invaluable to get the students themselves forming the comprehension questions for your class readings.

This should be your goal – get them to TEACH THEMSELVES!

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