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#69 Questions Part 5 of 6 - Question Tic Tac Toe ( Int.)

69 Question Making - (5 of 6). Question Tic Tac Toe

In the attached handout are tic-tac-toe ? squares. Students play like regular tic-tac-toe except they must ask a question using the question word prompt. If they ask a question correctly they get an X or an 0 but also only if the other person can't answer it!!!! So the person
answering can defend and block the X or 0. It can take awhile to finish a game but this works wonders!

Another quick game teachers can ply and which is about questioning is ...the blablabla game.

A) I went to blablabla this weekend?
B) Excuse me, where did you go this weekend?
A) I went to my grandparents this weekend.

Give students some sentence prompts to complete. They finish / personalize the sentences and then take out the important info. and say "blablabla" instead. They other person must form a question to ask for
the additional information. Works wonders and lots of fun in the blablabla.... [excuse me, where is it lots of fun? -- Oh , in the classroom!]

Also see this schematic which will help students make questions as well as this categorization of questions -- going from low level closed questions up to Bloom's higher ordered/thinking questions which are much more open....

tic tac toe handout     |    Question types and examples   |  Schematic for making questions  |  Play the Chicken

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