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#70 Questions Part 6 of 6 - Battleship! ( Low)

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#79 Question Making - (6 of 6). Question Battleship!

There are so many great ways to promote question making ability in the language classroom! 

Battleship is a great way to practice question making at a low level. Also fun for young learners who pick up on the game rather quickly. I've already written about this in one of the earlier Canned Lessons but I'll run through it again.

The attached battleship sheets can be modified by the teacher, to suit any language structure. Did / do / Are / Is / Will / Have etc...?

First play it whole class and have the students in teams. Draw the grid on the board and students form questions to ask. If they hit the battleship (on the teachers paper) , the group can continue until a battleship is sunk. If they miss, they lose their turn. They get 1 pt for each hit and the value of the ship if they sink it (3,4 or 5 pts). Team with the most points at the end wins.

Students don't need any pencils, just the sheet. You record hits and misses on the board. But after the whole class game - have the students fill out their own battleship grid and ask/play with a partner. I've even seen some teachers get the students to design a cardboard divider for the game. Really cool!

Enjoy battleshipping! Get sinking (I mean thinking!). Here also is a flash version that might also be valuable to introduce the concept to students.


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