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#71 Games for reviewing tenses ( Low )

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71 Games for reviewing tenses

Games are great in the classroom. See the attached article and the links below for some real motivational reading about the benefits of using games in the EFL Classroom -- also some nice, easy to do games mentioned. Lately, I've had quite a few teachers emailing with requests on how to teach this or that tense..... Get lots of grammar stuff HERE but also use this presentation or this handoutfor tenses.


Verbs are the fly paper of learning. Students will never learn vocabulary (the flies) until they have enough of them verbs for the flies to stick. So teach VERBS! Get students using them, repeating them, focusing lesson attention on them, mastering will pay off big time! So how to?


Well, besides using movies and pictures to get students to describe and set in sequence using tenses (for an example, see the Lesson in a Can about Mr. X's Amazing Day), games are great. I do it two ways. One, using picture cards students create stories with particular settings. Put the language focus/target on the board and in small groups students turn over cards and practice.


1. What's up? I'm _____ing.
2. What did you do yesterday? I _____/______ed.
3. What are you going to do tomorrow? I am going to / I will .........

You can also use the pres. perfect but the idea is for students to first use themselves (I) as a reference. Then, next lesson or later, change the target language to reflect other reference (He/She/We/ They).I use 1000 pictures for teachersas the flash cards and get this in our Resource Sharing area! 


Also, warm up the students by showing a video or playing an audio book (so many in our A./V player or stories page) and stop occasionally asking the appropriate tense target question.....

You might also try these BAAM games (below) I made that review all the above tenses. Your students will love them! Play over consecutive days and let them see the differences in the tenses.....


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