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#72 Holiday Talk ( Low Int.)

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72 - Holiday Talk! Talking about past and future vacations

Summer is upon us and everyone is thinking about holidays. It might be good to do a travel lesson about holidays.  Also - these two flashcard sets will compliment this lesson. Summer Holidays / Vacation Questions.

1. I usually start this lesson by asking students about their favorite things to do on holiday. Or I might just get everyone excited and play the Where the hell is Matt video (see in our A/V player under Assorted - download there also by clicking the arrow on the right). Pause occasionally asking students, "Where in the world is Matt?"

Then, I put on the powerpoint (see attached) and the class interviews the teacher or one volunteer student. Then,the students in pairs or groups interview each other about their last holiday.


When you change each slide, simply give a prompt (I tap my bell) and move on. They finish the sentence and move on to the next question. If your students are quite high level, they can make the questions into indirect -- Could you please tell us.......


After this, I usually do one of two things. Lower level students can plan their vacation on chart paper. Brainstorm as a class what should go on their travel poster.

Come visit ..........!       We have ...........       Famous facts .......     etc.....


You might extend this into another lesson . Get students to present afterwards. Or with higher level conversational classes try the attached Train travel roleplay. Pretty neat......and get them to perform afterwards!
Also see the videos in our A/V player about all sorts of countries. Travel postcards and they are great for teaching, all about a min. in length....snapshots of destinations.  Another extension idea is to write postcards. Then, the teacher is the postman and delivers to the lucky students! Use real postcards or a template.

Enjoy your vacations!



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