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#76 Guessing about classmates ( Int.)

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This is always a winner and fun for students. They practice making simple questions using Do/Did/Were/Have.......

I usually start this lesson by writing down the following sentences on the board.

1. (Teacher's name) usually drinks coffee in the morning.
2. (Teacher's name) loves to cycle on the weekend.
3. (Teacher's name) believes in UFOs
4. (Teacher's name) didn't vote in the last election.
5. (Teacher's name) has been to China.

First. Ask the students to write down their own answers. Yes or No. Then the students can ask you the teacher and see if they are correct.

Next, give each student a handout (there are 4 different ones in the attached handout). They can guess about classmates by completing the statements with a name. They can either do it for just a small group of 4-6 students or the
whole class (and get the answers by having a walkaround afterwards).

After they complete this (give them a 5 min time limit - use the Super Timer!). They form questions to ask that person and check their answers. Make it a competition and see who gets the most right answers!

Finally - let the students tell you some interesting things they found out about each other! It is a great way to get to know your students!

You might even extend this by playing a whole class guessing game. One student comes to the front of the class and the teacher hands them a piece of paper with a student's name on it. The class , group by group (make it a competition!) , asks yes/no questions to guess which classmate it is. If the answer is YES, that group can continue to
answer. If they attempt to answer and are wrong - they are out!  More ideas in this blog post about Guessing. 

This game/activity was adapted from the very useful book Pair Work . Get a copy through our bookstore It will come in handy!

Resources: Guessing about Classmates

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