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#78 Good News / Bad News ( High Int.)

This is a very fun and communicative/speaking lesson.

Really demonstrates that a lot of "learning" and especially language -- is linked to the process of forming neural connections. The brain sparks and comes alive as we discover similarities/differences and connections. It is through this linkage that language is stores and accessed. The burgeoning field of Connectivism is helping educators in this regard ( but that's another topic!).

First - Warm up: Give students a good news card each. (see attached). Tell the students you can see the future, you are a fortune teller. Ask them to tell you about the card. Then tell them some bad news you "see".


S - Hey! I have some good news. I bought a new car!
T - Well, the bad news don't have any money for gas!

Continue with many examples from the students. This teaches them the "gist" of the activity.

Second: Give students each a good news and bad news card (non matching).
They walk around trying to find a match for their Good news card. After they find a match they can sit down. Review the answers.

Extension: Get other pictures and students in small groups of 3, flip over a picture and make up some good news - the other students try to say some bad news that WILL happen later....

You can also play this game as per the instructions attached. As a flashcard snap game and also a worksheet game...take a read of it. The pictures are also good for making up stories and story writing. Cut them up, mix them up and students select 4/5 and write up a story about like a charm!

This is an adaptation of a lesson in Hadfield's great "Intermediate Communication Games". Also see this full book (attached) with many more great lesson ideas.

I have some good news and bad news for you teachers also!

Good news: You have a great lesson idea to teach!

Bad news: You got to teach it :)

RESOURCES:   Good news/bad news handout     Textbook - English Factory

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