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#79 Pictionary - Web 2.0 style!!!! ( All )

I'm sure most teachers know of and have used pictionary / draw it as a game in the EFL classroom.

Students are shown a word and must draw it. The first team/member to guess the drawing, gets a point. You can even do it as a race, teams against each other drawing the same vocab item.

I also do Pictionary by showing student(s) a ppt picture on the desktop (the other students can't see). They race and draw. Repeat. After the game, review all the ppt slides together as a whole class.  (Get many of these kinds of power points - HERE)

But here is a very creative way to play pictionary. Your students will love it!

Go to odopod No registration required. . A random sketch by someone in the internet universe will appear. Students can watch and guess/describe for points. Keep clicking "Ran" and get more great sketches....AMAZING!  Also, point your students to - Draw My Thing, a great interactive online game.

Enjoy this lesson idea. Not a whole lesson but maybe students could also use the sketches as prompts to create / write stories? I'm sure there are lots of creative ways to use this......  Get more ideas about drawing through my blog post - The Draw Of Drawing.

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