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#80 Two Way Tasks (All)

80 Information Gap / Communication Gap / A-B

Every EFL/ESL/ELT eventually learns that the best and most crucial method available is the information gap. Simply put, it is two students with different versions of the same material. The students without looking at the others content, must communicate (using the target language) to complete each others information/handout.
I started teaching without any books, the Internet or fancy resources.

I learned to make these Information or Pair gap exercises from the rare English magazine or newpaper I got. I'd just copy one item that was language level appropriate (or near). I'd make two copies, labeling one A and the other B. On one, I'd erase/scratch out some info. On the other, I'd scratch out other info. Then, in class, the two students would have to ask each other for the information necessary to finish their sheet.
Of course with experience I do much more BUT this kind of activity remains the staple/standard of English Language Teaching. Task gap remains a tried and tested rock of Gibraltar. A quick exercise for busy teachers....

Jill Hadfield's communication games as well as Pair Work - are two books which really use this method/technique a lot and which I'd suggest teachers purchase. You can download them here in our Resource Sharing area but having a hard copy is a duty I think - for any teacher who will remain in the profession.

Where I work - we produced these activities, part of a chapter of English Factory. I really like these and the methodology is explained well on the first page. Enjoy and use these to keep your busy teaching life under control! Your students in any case, will love them!


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