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#81 Ask the Teacher! Questioning in the classroom ( Low Int.)

81 - ASK THE TEACHER! Questioning in the classroom.


Previously in a blog post,  I outlined many ways to "teach" and practice questions in the classroom. A vital skill which students should learn early on. Here are a few more ways to make a lesson practicing question making.

1. Interview the Teacher! Play this BAAM Game (attached) where the students interview the teacher and have to make the correct question to get the points (be careful not to get BAAMed!). The teacher can answer and should also ask the same question to the students (or group). If they answer correctly, they can double their money!

2. Try the "Spin the Question" teacher tool (attached) .  Spin the wheel and where it stops, students must ask the student "in the hot seat" a question starting with that question word. A great interactive< way to practice questions.

3. I've attached a student profile sheet. Students can fill out this (for real or maybe they can make their own fictitious character? and then interview each other using the form as a prompt. See this Lifestyle Question list for more great, higher level questions to use either for class surveys or interviews/group discussion....
Enjoy playing BAAM! Ask the Teacher. This is also a very low stress way to introduce yourself to any class. Even if the questions are simple you are still doing some great ice breaking and able to safely assess the student's various levels...try it, you'll like it!


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