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#82 Prices. How much is it? (All)

#82 -- Prices. How much is it?

This lesson is more a jumble of lesson ideas for prices and shopping lessons.

First, have students do a walkaround. Warm up by asking students "How much was your.....? Let students respond freely.

Next, Get students to write on a cue card one question for other students. "How much was your ....." They should write about the other students clothes/items they have. Then have them walk around asking. When they meet someone who is asking about the same item...they link arms and continue walking around asking.... Can be lots of fun and there is lots of language repetition. Model by having the students ask you about your own items/clothes!

Then, give out the worksheets attached. Students practice asking and giving information about prices. Make sure they learn to do this "blind" , without looking.

After that, play "The price is right". I've attached the ToysRUs version but other versions are in our ppt games section of Resources / Share. Play in groups and each group has a whiteboard. They debate and write their price/guess. The team closest but not over gets the bonus question. Each time they win/guess correctly, they get to reach in a money bag (I photocopy monopoly money). The team with the most money at the end wins!

You can play the Price is Right without ppt. Simply get some nice big pictures of times. On the back write the price. Show students the picture. They guess and then you turn around the picture to reveal the like a charm!

Another possible game for numbers/prices is Deal or No Deal. Play this and also The real ToysRUs game in our Arcade!   Another option would be to finish this lesson with the song - "If I had a Million Dollars!"

Enjoy playing this great game about prices!   - Also use this How to Count Money presentation.


RESOURCES:   How Much Is It?      ToysRus Price is Right    Official Monopoly Game



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