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#83 A short lesson on Thinking and Cooperative Learning ( Int.)

#83 - A short lesson on Thinking and Cooperative Learning

This week I gave workshops to teachers about "Reflection". I did a couple activities to model for them how their classroom is really just a puzzle that they must figure out. I used a couple of "thinking" activities. Many exist - the most common is the "move two toothpicks to make 5 boxes" one.

Here are two nice thinking activities that students can do in groups. Get them to cut up the pictures and physically use the pictures to move around the objects and discuss, and come up with a solution.   This site, has many more trust building, problem solving, ice breaking exercises!

boy dog rabbit veg exercise.pdf

Garden Plot exercise.pdf

In addition to teaching English, if you can get your students really thinking "outside the box" you are doing a great thing!
Here are two of my favorite De Bono videos. He outlines why it is so important to teach "thinking" and outlines his views on lateral thinking and his Six Thinking Hats method...extraordinary. Try these activities, your students will like the challenge.... Maybe even start a "puzzle of the day" challenge to start every class?

Six Hats Video


Comment by Sarra on September 30, 2015 at 8:54pm

The links here also will not download.  Why?  

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