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#84 Cell Phone Scramble! ( Int.)

#84 Cell phone Scramble!

Last week I wrote a blog post about using cell phones in the classroom. This week, here is a lesson, tidied up, that I offered there. It is one your students will love!

First, show THIS dialogue (the first one) to the students. Ask some comprehension questions afterward. Show it again.

Next, give the students the handout (attached). Tell them in pairs, to unscramble the dialogue to find out your cell phone number (change the numbers to your own cell number). The first to text message you wins!

Last, the students a) practice the dialogue changing words around. b) make up their own "cell phone scramble" quiz for the class to play and text their number!

If you want, start using . Enter a story or some text there and it will give you the text message translation. Give this to students to "decode". Then they check against the original. Or play one of the ppt games I've already created!

Resources: CELLPHONE SCRAMBLE.doc  (change to your own phone number!)

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