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#85 The POWER of Prediction. -- teaching the Future Tense. ( All )

85 - The POWER of Prediction. -- teaching the Future Tense.

I wrote another teacher about this lesson idea and thought this would be a good place to share it.

An excellent way to teach and give students practice with the future tense is to use a story. Reading teachers know all about this most powerful technique and it works wonders in a language classroom.

Simple get a really good story (we have hundreds of audio stories you could use in our Story area.). 

Next, start reading but stop at intervals and ask the students to predict. "What will happen next?" , "What's going to happen next"? What do you think "X" will do next? etc..... Do this whole class or allow them to brainstorm their responses and then share. After sharing ideas, then continue the story and see if they were right! Maybe even give a reward if the students are bang on!

A nice story for this is The Eyebrow Story. Probably the story I've gotten emails from teachers the most. Peter Reynold's stuff is great.

This is a very quick, no fuss, no muss way for a teacher to give students practice with the future tense and also share a damn good story!

Another good story for this, is of course, The Paperbag Princess!  

I'll also note to end - you can do prediction with videos!  It works as well and simply stop and ask students "What will happen next"?  There are even videos specifically made for thisAlso try our videos tagged "prediction".

Find more videos like this on EFL CLASSROOM 2.0

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