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#86 JEOPARDY- Brainstorming Style. (All)

#86 - JEOPARDY- Brainstorming Style.

This Lesson in a Can, you can pick up and do almost anytime, any moment, what ever the topic. Very handy and one lesson that I call a VIP - Very Important Paper.  


You can play Jeopardy low tech with students! Of course, use all our games or templates to play with a computer - however, this method really fosters thinking skills, cooperative learning and language production. Plus, it's still good old style Jeopardy competition.

First. Draw a mind map like the one in the attached handout. Put your topic in the center and get students to respond. Fill in the 6 main arms. Then, ask students in groups to fill out ONE arm with more vocabulary words/terms. Or you could just ask them to fill in the whole mind map.

Second. Review what the students came up with , writing on the board some of the responses. Now you have a nice vocabulary map for reference.

Third. Tell the students you are now going to play JEOPARDY!  Each group must write 5 questions about one category. Use this "Let's Play Jeopardy" worksheet!  Give them time to do this and you can use the second provided handout to give them a question "prompt". If needed, use the 3rd handout, a handy framework for making questions.

Fourth. Play Jeopardy. Many ways to do this but the easiest and most organized is to go in a clockwise fashion. First do all the $100, then $200 questions etc..... Team one asks Team two. If they don't answer correctly or at all, Team 3 gets a chance to answer. But if you wish, you can do it "Real Style" and I've seen teachers use bells for each group to ring in. I usually have them knock (it must be acoustic, you won't see all the hands raised!) but if they BANG, they get a yellow card and lose money. Make sure to appoint a scorekeeper and draw a grid with the questions like Jeopardy on the board also, X each question as it is finished.

Finally. Bonus Question. Give the groups the category and ask them to write down how much they wager. Check each group. Give the final question, also written down on paper. Find out who the winner is!

Whiteboards for each group really work well with Jeopardy. They force ALL students to try and come up the answer and you can have all groups write their answer. Use the timers on our Practice page under Teacher Tools to brighten up this aspect....

Have fun playing Jeopardy. Next -- Lessons about Brainstorming / Mind Mapping....

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