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#87 Clothing - Connecting A to B.(Low)

 #87 Clothing - Connecting A to B.

First - you have to decide to connect "Clothing" to B. It can be either the weather or the body (I like the body!). You kill two birds with one stone and you are also practicing great teaching methods because inorder to fascilitate vocabulary acquisition you need two requirements; A) Connection - connecting the thing to a verb or situation B) Communicative pressure - the need and desire to use this word to convey meaning. Here you will get both!

Start: Engage the students by asking what they are wearing? Bring some students up to the front of the class and let them describe. Further, give students in pairs blank pieces of paper. Divide the pairs into As and Bs. A pairs must record as many items of clothing as they can think of. B pairs must record as many body parts as they can think of.

Study: On the board - have students relay the information they recorded. You can even record points for each answer, students can't repeat or they lose two points! Have a student write this information in two columns on the board. Clothing on the left - body part on the right.

Between the columns write the following prepositions: On , Over, In , Around , Under.

Students must then connect all the clothing with the body parts using the target language
"You wear a / an (clothing item) On/Over/In/Around/under your (body part).

Half of the class writes on a slip of paper a body part. Half the class writes an item of clothing. Without showing their paper, students must walk around the class and find a "match" . They do so by saying - "I'm a ________ can you help me?" Once they find a match, they can sit down. The students who didn't find a partner have to state what they are and the rest of the class will state what their match is.....

Engage: Finally - give students each student a picture of a model from a catalog. On a blank piece of paper, they glue the model and write a paragraph about what they are wearing....Present some of these afterwards and put up on the classroom walls.....

There you go - a complete lesson (or more!)...... Look on our practice page or elementary page for many ppts and presentations about clothing/the body/weather which you can use to check student learning and understanding. Either at the end of the lesson or the first part of the next, to repeat.

Students can read these books to review clothing. Also, study the flashcard sets there (click the "settings" icon and then click "Study" - "Quizlet". 

Men's Clothes |   Women's Clothes  |  Accessories |   HatsClothing Verbs  |  Fashion Faux Pas  | 

Footwear  |   Dressing Up  |   Shoes  |  Bags  |   Patterns

These two memory games work for the body. 12

This presentation is fun -  Dressing Lecky   And of course - this sterling teacher made video about clothes and weather could be used with students.  Try this clothing/weather ppt too!

Brrr it is cold today. I'll need a coat!

Resources:  Flashcards 1  |   Flashcards 2   |  Worksheets  |   More Resources

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