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#88 Christmas Gift Giving lesson

Lesson #88 - Christmas Class Gift Giving!

This lesson is one of several I'll outline for Christmas classes. Generally Christmas classes are less structured and more "activity" and project based. Get students making crafts, doing and allow the language objectives to come in through the backdoor!

This lesson is wonderful. It is called, Class Gift Giving.

Before the lesson -- collect and cut out a lot of pictures of possible X-mas gifts from magazines!  Or use these handy pictures.  Write ways to say Thank you for a gift in English, on the board, in a list.

Thank you very much!
Thank you so much!
You shouldn't have!
How kind of you!
It's wonderful. It's _____!

1. Engage - Ask the students what they got for Christmas last year. Brainstorm / write the vocab on the board as you go along.

2. Tell the students that Christmas has come early! Using the target language "Merry Christmas _____! I got you a small gift for Christmas", give the magazine pictures as gifts to selected students. Watch their eyes light up!

3. Practice - After this, either give the students in groups, a magazine which they can cut up or the pictures of gifts attached. The group must make a list and decide what gift to give each member of the class. For more advanced classes, have them make an additional column of "why" they gave the gift.

Name Gift Why?

David running shoes He likes to run.

After most have completed their list, have the students run around the class, giving their gifts and saying/practicing the Thank you target language.

4. Activate - Get the students to show their group members or the whole class, what they got for X-mas and who gave it to them. They have to tell if they like it or not and say why it was or wasn't a good choice.....

Time permitting - students can then make their own wish list for X-mas and put it into a special box. After X-mas, take out the box and discuss with students if they got what they'd wished for!

While students are choosing the gifts or making the lists, put on some X-mas carols/music. Plenty in our Christmas folders in ppt but here are a few karaoke songs.......

Hope this gets you into the Christmas Teaching Spirit!  Please use our Christmas Page for loads of carols and also try the second part of this lesson - Card Making.   

HERE are some other nice Xmas related handouts. 

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