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#9 Birthday Horoscope activity (Int.)

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#9 Birthday Horoscope activity

This lesson activity is for mid to high levels. It practices adjectives to describe character.

First, quiz the students about the zodiac, birthdays etc.... Review months, ordinal numbers. Then ask them to walk around the class, asking everyone when their birthday is and recording the info. / name of the person beside the zodiac category.

Then, the students come together in groups. They should look at the categories of adjectives and write a classmates name under the list that best describes that person. Can lead to lots of discussion but it should be a best fit. Ask them to decide which list best suits you, the teacher, to start the discussion.

After groups have written the names of classmates under the lists, tell the students that each list corresponds to a particular zodiac sign! Ask about different students and what other groups thought was his/her personality profile. Then reveal which sign it is, really.


*** Sagittarius is group 1 , Scorpio 2 etc...keep going clockwise.

An interesting activity. This will take a full lesson, leave lots of time!  Use these flashcards too!

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