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#90 Fortune Teller or Cootie Catcher! (All)

90 Fortune Teller or Cootie Catcher!

Do you remember this game from when you were young? It is the perfect adaptable game for ESL/EFL!

In the vein of Christmas and more "craft" friendly lessons, I offer up how to make a Fortune Teller. Get the students making them and beforehand brainstorm what the numbers of colors on the Cootie Catcher will mean . For example.

1.= Jump up and scream
2.= Make a funny face
3.= Hug someone
4= Act like a _______.

Blue = run around the room
Red = count to 100
Purple = Sing a song
Green = say "Oh My God!

Students can then play and have loads of fun. Change the combinations and they can continue to use their Kootie Catcher to produce English! Loads of fun for the elementary classroom but even older students would enjoy it. Your imagination is the limit!   See this already made one. handtalker.pdf

Here are some more instructions. And Here.   Google "cootie catcher" and you'll get more templates. More crafts on our Arts and Crafts resources page


I also love how this kid explains it. Would be great to show students as they make a fortune teller!

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