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#91 Nat. Film Board short videos ( Low Int.)

91 - Nat. Film Board short videos. Using video stories.

As I've noted elsewhere, I put together a great page of short National Film Board of Canada videos for teaching English (plays full screen there). Great stories, many without much dialogue, to foster discussion and prompt for language. Many ways to use them and I'll be supplying more ideas and resources for those videos on that page, in the near future. Also, see the selection that promotes peace, sterling!  Many of the power points / materials are on this page

One of my absolute favorites is "The Big Snit". It won the academy award for best short and is super! Here's how I make a lesson for it. This is for intermediate and above students. (or others but just for enjoyment or incidental learning)

1) Pre-teach "snit" , prompt students with questions about "anger" , "arguments"

2) Show the video. Ask some groups to write down verbs / actions in the video. Ask other groups to write down nouns / things they see.

3. Show the ppt  with only the pictures. Or better yet, print as small pictures using File - Print Preview - 6 slides / page - Print. Ask the students to try and retell the story using the pictures and key words as prompts.

4. Read together the final (full) story ppt. Use the picture only ppt again and ask them to retell once more for review. Can they do it? Use the power point with the vocabulary / words for review. 

Many more ways to use this video. It is a great prompt for discussing anger or nuclear war / peace. Also about how to resolve conflict. I'm sure you'll find some amazing ways to teach with this great resource!   Video Download

Find more videos like this on EFL CLASSROOM 2.0

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