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#92 New Year's Resolutions (Int.)

92 -- A Lesson for New Years!

This is a great lesson idea for New Years. A perfect time to teach the future tense to students and get them to practice language that really identifies with their own lives.

I usually first start with asking some students about their hopes for the New Year. "What are you going to do this year?".  Show some examples with this cool New Year's resolution generator.

Then, I give them out these New Years resolution cards. I ask them to check off the ones the resolve for the New Year. The more the better. Give them about 5 min.

Next, ask them to state some of their resolutions from the list. Respond and write on the board - So will I! / I'm going to too!     Oh, I won't ./ Oh I'm not going to.

Next, ask the students to walk around the class stating their resolutions. They must reply with a qualifier from the board - in agreement or disagreement. Once they have found someone who agrees with every statement on their list, they can sit down! Task done.

Finally, I play the "Resolution Lie Game". This is a variation of a standard lie game for practicing any kind of tense/language. Write 4 resolutions on the board for yourself, the teacher. (using the example below). Ask a student to read them and then get students to vote on which they think is the lie. Reveal which ones are true and which is the lie. Who was right?

1. In 20__ I will / won't ____________________

2. This year I'm (not) going to _____________________

3. I resolve (not) to ______________________________

4. This new year I hope to ________________________

Give an index card to all the students. Have them complete it, making one "false / lie" resolution.... In small groups they read their own and guess which one is the lie. Or do this as a whole class. Lots of fun!

If you are really ambitious have the class sing the traditional New Years song - Auld Lang Syne. It might be interesting for higher level students to see if they recognize any of the "old English" words/lyrics....  Here's Mariah Carey's modern version in audio. Even try this New Year's Countdown!  

Students can also "speak" and practice this video - Achieving New Year's Resolutions - on EnglishCentral. Or use in class with this lesson.
resolutions game.pdf   Students can also study and do the quizzes with this Gif Lingua book - Common Resolutions.

Find more videos like this on EFL CLASSROOM 2.0

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