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#93 Signs. Must(n't) / Have to / Don't Have to / Can / Can't (Int.)

 #93 - Signs. Must(n't) / Have to / Don't Have to / Can / Can't

Signs are a great subject. The offer practice of modals (Must / should / Can / May (n't) ) and also a variety of commands and command verbs: Don't ! / Allowed / Permitted / Required / Have to / Need to

Write this language on the board and engage students by asking about the rules of the classroom / school. Or if a low level, give commands and get the students to respond Total Physical Response style. Pick up your book! Stop! Go! Don't look! etc.....

After the warm-up, review signs with the attached powerpoint. Ask students for what the sign says and then reveal the correct answer. If you have a higher level group - go to our Mr. Duncan video player - he has a great video there about signs with subtitles!

Next - put the students in groups with large pieces of paper (A4 / B2). Give them a place and ask them to draw signs with the appropriate meaning below. Places can be : Your Home / The School / An Airplane / Driving / Cooking/the Kitchen / Construction site / People - In Public / A sport /

Another option is for them to do the same thing but for their own planet - they get to make up the rules!
The students will be very creative and make sure if time to permits to allow them to present the posters!

Finally, you can finish with the song - I saw the sign! Maybe even play the Last One Standing version. [write down 8-10 vocab words which are repeated in the song, on the board. Students write one word in large letters on a piece of paper. Everyone stands up. Play the song. If they hear their word they sit down. If it they hear it again, they stand up etc... Last people/team standing wins!).

You might also challenge high level students with this Silly Signs presentation. Some very funny ones.


RESOURCES:     It Means ... PPT    Signs ppt      Let's Sign the Alphabet ppt

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