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#95 Current Events (High Int.)

95  Current Events Gaza War of Words...

I really believe one of the higher callings of teaching is to teach students to be global citizens and aware of the issues around them. Using Current Events is a wonderful teaching topic. See all the reasons I think so HERE.   Also useEnglishCentral's amazing site to practice speaking with VOA videos. A new one daily. 

 The recent events in Gaza and the bloodletting, only confirm for me deeper than ever that us teachers have to do more to get students discussing issues of "the media" and "nationalism" and "peace".

So to also highlight the materials available for the many news articles in our NEW Current Events page, I made a quick lesson using Karaoke video for the Breaking News English article - "Gaza War of Words.". Click here to download the great materials from (download the .pdf/.doc or mp3 from the top of the page of each article) and use both the Cloze and full videos for listening/reading activities. Get more articles and materials/videos on our Current Events page.

Gaza cloze  Gaza full

This "Outlandish" video of a classic poem put to music, speaks volumes about this topic.

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