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#97 Find Someone Who.... (All)

 Find someone who is a standard English teaching activity. It can be adapted to practice vocabulary or tenses. It is also perfect for getting to know students and for the first week of class. Or also a great way (using the future tense) for the ending of classes....  Get dozens of them, all types HERE!

Basically it is of three main types.

1. Text sheets where students ask questions and write down student's names who agree
     (NAME) likes to play tennis.

2. Bingo style where students go around the classroom asking the questions in the box and trying to get a bingo.

3. Sentence strip style. Each student has strips with questions. They wander around the class finding students and need a certain number to be finished. All questions are different.

Go to our resources / Share area and find lots of Find Someone Who as examples. Right here, there is one with a good explanation and also one where the students actually fill out the sentences first. I think this an excellent way to do it and get the students making the materials. They learn so much by making things/materials (just like us teachers do!).

I'd also recommend using picture based bingo cards (students write names over the picture and try to get bingo. ) Using pictures really focuses the activity upon natural production of language. See our Picture Sets for loads of usable sheets/handouts.... You might even use the attached Bingo Basic ppt for Find Someone Who. Just print out the slides [ File - Print Preview - Print] as a handout and then the students hunt for students.

But always make sure that after the activity, the students share their findings! In small groups, they can make statements about other classmates. It can be a lot of fun. I also sometimes add the feature of having students have to ask for one piece of additional information or a followup question. Example: Do you like pizza? Yes I do! / Oh, What kind do you like most? Oh I like cheese pizza. / Answer: Rachel told me she likes cheese pizza. This works great with higher level students.

So start using this if you haven't! It is a versatile method to make your classroom into an active, enjoyable place!

Resource:  Bingo Basic

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