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#98 Cloze Activities (All)

98 - Cloze activities -- another standard.

Cloze activities are the staple of many teacher's tool kit. The bread that goes with all eating.

What are they? Cloze activities are basically dialogues where there is missing information. They are often called, "Blank Dialogues" (these videos are super). Students complete the dialogue with the correct information and make their own "conversation". Sometimes there is one correct answer but often and most importantly, there can be multiple correct answers and the cloze allows for personalization of the content. Spell It is a perfect listening example.

Here's an example;

A: What did you do _____________, (name)?
B: I went to _________________________________.
A: Interesting. What did you do ______________?
B: Nothing much. I ________ and ______________.
A: I see.
B: What did you do ________________(name)?
A: ..................................

Cloze activities are great controlled activities which can be used in the "Study or Practice" part of the traditional lesson plan.

They are very valuable in allowing for a focus on language production and also as an assessment tool. See the Side by Side presentations on our Practice page. Get the ppts in our Resources area. Side by Side uses a "prompt" for the cloze and the pictures prompt the student for a specific answer to the cloze/blank.

Cloze activities can also be created by students as role plays. They are also very valuable as listening exercises. The teacher simply hands out material which has some words missing (clozed) and the students must listen for that information. They can then practice using their own words for the cloze.


Songs are also often used as a cloze activity. Find many lyric sheets here for popular songs with blanks already done. Find all the videos with lyric cloze sheets here. Also, in our Karaoke area, play songs in "cloze". Further, the International Music thread is full of music videos with foldem song cloze sheets.

Get the speech here

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