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# 99 "BACKDOOR" , a standard communication technique (All)

99 -- "BACKDOOR" , a standard communication technique

This technique is great if you have a very talkative class or a class that really needs a focus on language production! It can be done in many ways but basically;

1. Students are in pairs or 3/4s. Some students are facing the screen/blackboard/front of the class. The other half are looking away.

2. The students who are viewing, "describe" what they see. This can be a video, flashcards, the teacher or student acting out a scene etc..... Description is "functional", meaning the students produce language to the best of their ability to describe what they see. Accuracy is not important.

3. The scene/video/flashcards are played again with everyone looking. A possible "correct" version is then presented.

That's it. It can be loads of fun. I'd start by modeling this. How I do this is usually by telling the class I'm Mr. Been. or Mr. Has Been! I act out a scene as Mr. Bean and the students respond by stating what I have been doing / did / am doing / will do (chose your tense to practice). I then ask half the students to turn around and we do the same thing but BACKDOOR with students describing for the others turned around. I then perform the Mr. Been skit with everyone watching. Another easy way is to just put up some photos on a screen (or hold them up) and let the students describe. Signal to change to another picture.

BACKDOOR works sooooo well with video. I especially like using video shorts without dialogue. Mr. Bean is perfect and check out the Mr. Bean on this page or in our A/V player. I've used this Mr. Bean - at the swimming pool, with great success.

Let students describe for 1 min or so , then change around. Stop before the end and let all watch together the climax! Try BACKDOOR, you students will love it. You might just put some expected vocabulary on the board prior to this , to help prompt student language - I usually just write it as we go along to prompt the "describers". Like "diving" , "bathing suit" , "lifeguard" etc....

Resources:  Mr Bean resources.| Using Silent Video in the Classroom ideas.|  Mr. Bean video downloads

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