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#1 Battleship (Low)

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Today I offer a very good way to get low level students to practice and learn the target language. BATTLESHIP.

Play first as a whole class, teams guessing. Later the students play in pairs. Draw a grid equal to the battleship grid on the board. Prepare 6 ships on your own hidden paper. (2 3 squares, 2-4 squares , 2-5 squares. Only horizontal or vertical.

This powerpoint might help explain the concept to the whole class.

Students from each team ask you, using the target language and try to get a "hit". If they hit, they continue and get a point. If they sink a ship, scream "Battleship" and they get the amount of points the ship is worth (3, 4 or 5) plus the point for the hit. But then they must stop guessing, next team's turn. Continue until all battleships are sunk. Team with the most points wins.

Then have the students draw their own ships in and play, using the bottom grid. Circulate and help as necessary. I even got a few classes who loved the game, making their own cardboard battleship holders. Just fold hard/thick cardboard and staple together. They glue or paper clip their sheet to the board and play, their paper well hidden. Works like a charm . Here, attached is one sheet. Find many more HERE and HERE.. Enjoy! Can be prepared by any teacher and used for any grammatical target inventive!

You can also play online battleship in our ARCADE


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