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#15 Using Text messaging to motivate students to write!(Int.)

#15 Using Text messaging to motivate students to write!

This lesson is a whole language lesson but could also just be part of a writing lesson. For adolescents but might work with adults!

If we are to succeed in the classroom, we have to use methods that motivate more "digital" learners. Language is not just the static thing we so often categorize in under. It is dynamic and comes in many forms. Text messaging is a mainstay of many students lives and we should use it as a way to motivate them to learn standard English.

I have several games called Transl8it , I've attached the Pop song version. (the others are in our shared ppt games folder). Students decode the pop song into standard English. They then correct their answers/spelling. Next, play the song clip by clicking the cell phone and sing! A great interactive lesson. Also, can they guess the song and singer?

You can make your own text messaging for your students to transl8 by going to Simply enter the English and press the button -- out comes the text message! Copy/paste/print and hand out to students to decode into standard English.

There is a page of text abbreviations on this What the Wordle which might be useful. Get more like this HERE. This essay by the eminent David Crystal - Txtng - da gr8 db8 is a good read on this subject.

We also have word.doc  versions of these games.  Also, flash versions

You might also warm up with this commercial. It says a lot about the digital divide....

transl8it Guess the Song ppt   Transl8it Dialogues PPT    Transl8it mixed game ppt

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