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#2 Who is it? (Low)

Now find all these resources on ELT Buzz Teaching Resources!

Today's Canned Lesson is a quick but very effective way to get conversation started in your class. For low beginners to advanced.  Also try Uwall for a visual prompt and music!

1. Put some pictures of celebrities/famous people on the board.
(I just print and use magnets to hold). Describe some an get the students to respond, who they think you are describing. Circle that picture. It is eliminated. Continue until all have been guessed. You may even do this in the form of a point game.

2. Hand out the Who Is it ? sheet. I sheet / 2 or 3 students. Students describe a person on the sheet and the others guess. When guessed or if they say "We give up!", a circle is drawn around the person's name. It is eliminated. Students continue taking turns until most of the names are eliminated.

3. Students ask you / quiz you.
This is necessary, reverse the process to help language learning. Also, they will ask you about the ones they don't know!

I have 2 versions, One is for where I teach presently Korea. The other for the whole wide world. But as with all materials, modify for your own class/ culture.

Have fun gossiping! Also see these ppt Guess Who / Guess What games. Perfect! Akinator- where the computer guesses a person the class chooses, is also wildly useful and popular.  


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