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Songs and Young Learners

Started by Suha khader Feb 25, 2011. 0 Replies

Hello everybody!It's nice to meet you here discussing such an important topic. Songs are really nice and all learners whether young or adults love them.. You can easily get your pupils involved in…Continue

Got something to share that worked with your Young Learners?

Started by ddeubel. Last reply by Suha khader Feb 23, 2011. 6 Replies

Tell us something that worked in your own classroom with YLs. Here's are my two fav. videos of young learners.... inspiring!   Continue

Tags: kindergarten, teaching, kids, young_learners, children


Got something to share that worked with your Young Learners?

Tell us something that worked in your own classroom with YLs.


Here's are my two fav. videos of young learners.... inspiring!



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Replies to This Discussion

This is my favourite web site,grat tuff for my EFL class!!!then,you tell me!!!



This is me and my students with Cookie a lovely cat that teach them english...




Great pics Laura! You might share them in our photos area too. Your students look like a bundle of joy!


I know Devon and endorse everything he does. He does a super job with children and I especially admire the time he's taken to create videos showing teachers how to teach the songs and activities. Super!


Thanks a lot for sharing your teaching experiences with us.

Any way, I just would like to add something which you must have used with your young learners. I have recently used with my students. I used a ball and different cards faced down. A pupil comes to the front and chooses one without showing others, he mimes it. One of the students try to guess what he is doing- they practise the present progressive with action verbs- saying a complete sentence. If the sentence is correct, then he is the winner and the other student throws him the ball and then it's his turn. It's like Turn - toss but with making some difference I think. I always try to change things that would suit my students and their level. They are at the third grade.

Actually, I have some pics but not available now. I will try to upload them soon, but you'll be shocked because our classes are very small and we don't have technological mechines except my laptop without having the DATA SHOW. No computer Lab. So, I have to creat my own games and use the strategies that are suitable for my students and our school. Not everything can applied there although I have recently finished my ICT diploma.

Wow, you look very nice Maria!! The kids are so lovely. How old are they?

Mine are nine, but they are very naughty and aggressive towards each other.

I would like to share this game which I really like. You could also have some changes. The link is below, you can have more games, but this one is really good and can easily be applied during the class.

Toss and Blend

  • Gather five paper cups, paper, markers, tape, and buttons or coins. Write a consonant blend--a pair of consonants that blends together when spoken, such as "br", "sw", "ch" or "pl"--on the inside rim of each cup. Place the cups in a line so you can see each blend when standing at one end of the line. Attach the cups to the floor with tape. Make a chart with a column for each blend (see Resources). Mark a starting line about 2 to 3 feet from the cups, making sure the blends are visible. Have each player take her turn tossing a button or coin into one of the cups. If the object lands in a cup, the player must make up a word that starts with that blend. Record the blended word and the child's name on the chart. If a player can't come up with a word, move on to the next player. If the button or coin doesn't land in a cup, the player's turn is over. The child who comes up with the most words wins.

  • Read more: Kid's Toss Games |


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